NPR’s, “A Finder’s Guide To Facts”

This is in response to the story on NPR, “A Finder’s Guide To Facts.” It does have some excellent tips and is worth the read but seems to be another “Fake News” is out there, so please come home story…

NPR said, “The larger problem is that many Americans doubt what governments or authorities tell […]

Fake News

I think the main push behind the “Fake News” campaign is mainstream media; it is where I saw it first anyway. The problem is; their sheep got out of their pen. What is the mainstream media’s approval rating now <10% and dropping? And probably 99% of the people don’t trust them and largely ignore them […]

Getting Away With Murder

Overwhelming evidence shows that the worldwide publicizing and outright glorification mass media does on behalf of mass murderers, perpetuates and guarantees more mass murders. Like the willful spreading of a lethal contagion, mass media continues to uphold their end of the pact with the killers. Mass media will continue to do this because broadcasting mass […]

Do you have freedom of speech?

Today there was a story on the Huffington post web site about the shootings at the Muhammad Art Exhibit in Garland, Texas. They say the Muhammad Art Exhibit was intended to stand against violent intimidation. The story was not the interesting part, the comments many of the readers had are what was interesting.

It was […]