Fake News

I think the main push behind the “Fake News” campaign is mainstream media; it is where I saw it first anyway. The problem is; their sheep got out of their pen. What is the mainstream media’s approval rating now <10% and dropping? And probably 99% of the people don’t trust them and largely ignore them now. The mainstream media did EVERYTHING in their power to have this election turn out how they thought it should, and failed miserably; they are starting to realize they have become nearly irrelevant. But rather than clean up their act, and start broadcasting real news again, instead of blatantly bias opinions and trying to tell us what we should think; what THEY have decided is right and wrong, what THEY deem acceptable and what is not, they are going after their competition! Translation; if it is not mainstream media, it is “Fake News” come baaaack to us little sheep!!! But it is not working, people already know fake sites are on the internet, this is not new. If a site is found to be fake, they will never return to the lamestream media; they will just find another site. A few individuals have done more investigative reporting this year than all the big media outlets combined. Guess what? These freelance reporters don’t need big media anymore, they have the net and can bypass the bias mainstream media filters and go directly to the people now. Gone are the days when we only had six TV stations, all with the same BS.

People got tired of the BS (fake news) in big newspapers those papers are paying the price now. People are sick and tired of the BS (fake news) in mainstream media too; now they are paying the price as well. So the great and powerful OZ lost the election, they are desperately looking around for the problem, after all, it couldn’t be them, right?

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