NPR’s, “A Finder’s Guide To Facts”

This is in response to the story on NPR, “A Finder’s Guide To Facts.” It does have some excellent tips and is worth the read but seems to be another “Fake News” is out there, so please come home story…

NPR said, “The larger problem is that many Americans doubt what governments or authorities tell them, and also dismiss real news from traditional sources” and for a good reason. Real news? Show me who does unbiased and “REAL NEWS anymore! Can anyone name one big name?

NPR also said, “In general, traditional news organizations are more reliable.” Would the approval rating of, “traditional news organizations,” be in single digits if this was even remotely true? They have betrayed the American public far too many times with bias, omissions, half-truths and outright lies to say this with a straight face! This is just another “news” piece, mixed with a little truth and useful tips to try to get the sheep back into the mass media pen, that’s never going to happen. This is not like the Vietnam era when you had BS on all six channels, and no other option for information.

“NPR,” or as some call it, “National Propaganda Radio”, needs to steer to the center and stop being so blatantly left and bias themselves or their public funding may be history. They should be able to operate for all citizens or continue as they are without public funds.

Even the link to the “Fake News” in the NPR story, has a Facebook meme,  “Hillary stole $200,000 worth of Whitehouse furniture” alleging it is some of that, “Fake News.” Snopes even lists this as “mostly false” lol, “mostly.” In reality, “Mostly True” is far more accurate. Look into it, even Snops says, the Clintons were forced to pay back or return about $136,000 worth of furniture, artwork, china and other household items they had stolen upon leaving office, plus this and that, for way over $100,000. But, not exactly $200K, and not just furniture so, “Fake News” right? The Clintons stole from the White House, A LOT, and had to give back and pay back. Does it really matter to the average person if it is $100,000 or $200,000?  So, do we have a “fake news” story about “fake news” here? Sheesh.

More to the point; WHAT “Fake News,” exactly cost Hillary the election??? That is what this is really about is it not? Or is it the Russians? The left’s new AstroTurf Roswell incident with even less proof than the Roswell incident had. Are we also to believe “Fake News” was only used against Hillary?

All of this is actually, “Old News,” do they really believe that “Fake News” just happened and is now some kind of “NEWS FLASH! THE INTERNETS HAS FAKE STUFF!!” Remember the State Farm commercials from a few years ago? State Farm did a better job than the media is now. All of this was known way before the election and none of this “Fake News” was an issue before the election was it? No, not even the Russian conspiracy theory is new. The bottom line; mainstream media, and the left, did everything they could to discredit and destroy Trump, pulled out all the stops, fired all their guns, used every play in the book, they did absolutely everything they could (Including Fake News) to make Trump fail and Hillary win, (including destroying Bernie Sanders) and the collective failed miserably, on an epic scale. Somehow, they still believe the problems is with the voters, not them! We must be misinformed/lied to, or just stupid deplorable people.

It was not a months old video that caused the Benghazi attack, and it was not the Russians, the FBI , the KKK, or “Fake News” that cost Hillary the election, period.


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